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Start at the very beginning…

Because that is a very good place to start!

We thought that since this is a new blog, why not start from scratch – what are migration agents and why do you need us?

Basically a registered migration agent is qualified to help you with your visa application and can deal with the Department of Home Affairs (‘the Department’) and other organisations for you.

You do not have to use an agent to lodge your visa application, but they can be very useful, especially if your case is more complex than most.  People often (in fact we hear it all the time!) think they can apply for their visa themselves and suddenly realise they would probably have saved themselves a huge amount of hassle and time if they had chosen to use migration agents like those of us here at TranQuill.  That of course doesn’t mean you can’t do it yourself, but should you wish to try, rest assured we will be here to help you pick up the pieces down the line 🙂

There are some specific things that Registered Migration Agents can help you with:

  1. Explain which visa options are available to you, and recommend the best way forward
  2. Prepare documents for your visa application on your behalf
  3. Lodge a well-prepared application with all required documents, which can make it faster to get a decision from the Department
  4. Contact the Department and other organisations to discuss or ask questions about your application.

There are however a few things that RMA’s cannot do.  These are:

  1. Guarantee your application will be successful
  2. Help you get a visa if you do not meet the visa requirements
  3. Guarantee faster processing of your application

The RMAs here at TranQuill aren’t great at fire-breathing either but that’s rather beside the point!

It should be noted that not all Registered Migration Agents are lawyers.  Those who are not legal practitioners cannot give legal advise. However we are lucky enough to have both here at TranQuill, so should you be required to prepare an application for a court to review a decision made about your visa application, you are still able to use our services – and frankly the RMAs we have working here are exceptional at what they do so will give you expert advise regarding your visa requirements.





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