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Immigration Law

Our immigration lawyers and Registered Migration Agents can provide assistance with the following matters of immigration law:

  • Helping people obtain either temporary or permanent residency
  • Assistance with extension of visas
  • Helping people bring their family members to Australia
  • Sponsoring overseas employees to work in Australia
  • Provide assistance for people to appeal refused visas
  • Helping with immigration legislation, such as assisting people in identifying reasons as to why their application should not be refused/residence cancelled
  • Making submissions to the Migration Division of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal or to the Minister
  • Submitting appeals to the Federal Circuit Court, Federal Court or High Court of Australia

Our firm specialises in Migration advice, whether it be applying for a visa, dealing with a refusals from the Department of Home Affairs or challenging the Department through the Immigration Assessment Authority (IAA), Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) or the Federal courts.

We will work to provide our clients with the latest and most appropriate immigration strategies.  We can conveniently and efficiently represent you on immigration matters no matter where you are located in the world.

We have an excellent success rate due to our professional and strategic approach to your migration application.  We will not make an application that has no merit.

If you have lodged an application that has been refused and need to know whether you should take court action or apply to the Migration and Refugee Division of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT), we can assist you.  We handle many tribunal matters, and assist our clients with Federal Court and Federal Circuit Court applications where DHA have made administrative law errors in their decision making processes.

Perhaps you have been through the tribunal process and you need to request a Ministerial Intervention.

Are you seeking protection as an asylum seeker?  Our team can assist you in making the relevant applications.

Have you have failed to pay your school fees, attend class or progress satisfactorily? Have you forgotten to inform DHA that you have moved address?  Let us help you overturn the automatic revocation that may have occurred.

Are you locked up on remand?  Do you need us to sort out your unlawful status, and verify whether Bridging Visas have been issued?

Our Agents are bound to adhere to the Code of Conduct embodied in the Migration Agent Regulations.  All immigration advice given is by Registered Migration Agents.

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